Genre bending songs short enough for your attention span 


debut album : party of one

"So many years of coordination, hard work, and soul went into the album. Summer impresses by bringing her vision to life with complexity in each song. Her voice and the instruments entangle into a unique piece of art fueled by emotion. It really makes you feel."

Photo by Yolanda Leaney

Art by Max Jolliffe

“Party of One is the mood you didn’t know you had.” 

"The delightful Summer Winter brings soft yet powerful vocals with an angelic tonality that transcends the experience of hearing someone’s raw internal dialogue. She sticks to her truth while navigating through the murky waters of first love, self-reflection, and childhood. While she may not have all the answers, it is clear that through music she can begin to unravel the complexity that is the human experience."

"A Feist brightness and coziness crossed with the deep wandering stream-of-consciousness style of lyricism by Leonard Cohen."

"Kimya Dawson meets Regina Spektor with a 60's flair."



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